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Oxytocin 20 Units/ml Injectable, 100 ml

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Oxytocin is useful in inducing labor for animals with no or weak contractions. It enhances contractions of the uterus during fetal delivery. It is also useful in expelling residual placental material that may remain in the uterus.

What is Oxytocin, 100 ml?

Oxytocin is primary used to induce labor in animals having weak or no contractions.

Who is Oxytocin, 100 ml for?

For use in pigs, horses, and cows.

Why use Oxytocin, 100 ml?

Oxytocin works to expel residual placental material that can remain in the uterus after delivery. It also enhances contractions in the uterus during delivery.

How does Oxytocin, 100 ml work?

This injectable preparation is versatile for use in a variety of obstetrical conditions, including:

  • Controlling uterine hemorrhage
  • Postoperative uterine contraction after C-section
  • Postpartum uterine debris evacuation
  • Accelerating normal parturition
  • Precipitating labor

It also works to contract the smooth muscle cells of the animal's mammary gland, inducing milk let-down in pigs and cows. It can also prevent subsequent metritis development.



Active ingredient(s):

Each mL Contains:

  • Oxytocic Activity Equivalent to 20 USP Posterior Pituitary units with Sodium Hydroxide/Acetic Acid for pH adjustment.
  • Chlorobutanol (as preservative) 2.4 mg
  • Water For Injection q.s.

How is Oxytocin, 100 ml sold?

100 ml

What are the side effects of Oxytocin, 100 ml?

Oxytocin is considered effective and safe when used according to veterinarian directions. However, certain adverse reactions are possible.

What special precautions are there?

  • Do not administer to hypersensitive animals.
  • This medication can cause drug interactions. Always speak with your veterinarian to be sure that other medications your animal is taking will not interact with oxytocin.
  • Do not use if the fetus is too large to pass through the birth canal or if the fetus is in an abnormal position.
  • Only use when the cervix has dilated.
  • Do not use in animals with untreated low blood calcium or uncorrected low blood sugar levels.
  • When used incorrectly, oxytocin can cause a uterine rupture or painful, excessive cramping of the uterus.
  • Keep out of reach of animals and children.

What to do if overdose?

Immediately contact your closest emergency animal hospital.

How can I store Oxytocin, 100 ml?

Store in a dry and cool environment. 59°F and 86°F (15°C and 30°C)

Helpful Tips:

This may prevent the subsequent development of metritis. Oxytocin helps to stimulate milk release after delivery.

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