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Methimazole Compounded Transdermal Gel

Strength: 25 mg/ml
Dose: 3 ml
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Help Ease Your Cats Symptoms and Hyperthyroidism Methimazole Compounded Transdermal Gel Specially Made to Provide:
  • Treatment for overactive thyroid glands in cats
  • Lessen symptoms of hyperthyroidism for a better quality of life
  • Precise dose made just for your pet’s needs
  • No additives – just the medication and a plant-based filler
  • Hypoallergenic formulation
  • Transdermal gel easy to dose on your cats ear

Methimazole Compounded Transdermal Gel is an exclusive medication. If your cat is losing weight despite eating regular meals along with being thirsty and urinating more frequently this could be a sign of an overactive thyroid. Methimazole is a medication prescribed by veterinarians to treat hyperthyroidism, also known as overactive thyroid problems. The main ingredient methimazole, works by reducing the amount of thyroid hormone that the thyroid gland produces. For cats that cannot tolerate oral medication the gel formula is preferred because it can be applied on their skin which makes it easier to give in doses.

Symptoms of an overactive thyroid are increased appetite, hair loss, thirst, and weight loss. There is no cure of hyperthyroidism, however, this medication will treat the symptoms so they can feel better and live a better quality of life.

Methimazole Compounded Transdermal Gel is applied topically to the inside of the pet’s ear. It’s important for the person applying this medication, to protect their hands and wear rubber surgical gloves since this medication does get absorbed through the skin. People with low thyroid levels, women who may become pregnant or who are pregnant should not dose the medication to their pet.

Methimazole Compounded Transdermal Gel is easier than a pill for pets to take, however some pets can be sensitive to it.
Allergic reactions can include: No appetite, rash, swelling or scratching the face and neck. If this happens consult with your veterinarian right away.
Methimazole side effects during the first 3 months can include: Vomiting, lack of energy, or decreased appetite.

Methimazole Drug Interactions:

If your pet is on any of the following medications you should use methimazole with caution:

  • Anticoagulants (eg.heparin, rivaroxaban) - Used together could increase anticoagulant activity
  • Beta Blockers (eg. atenolol, propranolol) - A reduction in dose may be needed when the patient becomes euthyroid.
  • Chloramphenicol - Combination can increase the risk for myelosuppression.
  • Digoxin - The serum concentration of Digoxin can be increased when taken with methimazole.
  • Dipyrone - Used in combination may increase the risk for myelosuppression.
  • Clozapine - Can increase the risk of neutropenia when methimazole is mixed with Clozapine.
  • Iodine 131 – The therapeutic efficacy of Iodide I-131 can be decreased if used with methimazole.
  • Phenobarbital - When used together may reduce the clinical effectiveness of methimazole.
  • Prednisone - A reduction in the dose may be needed when the patient becomes euthyroid.
  • Theophylline - A reduction in dose may be needed when the patient becomes euthyroid.
  • Warfarin – May cause bleeding easily or can decrease the effects of warfarin medication.

We recommend telling your veterinarian about any medications, supplements, vitamins or herbal pills that your pet is taking.

If your pet has been diagnosed with autoimmune diseases, pre-existing blood abnormalities or liver disease then methimazole should be used with caution or avoided. If they are taking this medication, their hormones should be monitored regularly. We recommend consulting with your veterinarian with any questions or concerns.

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