Parasite Prevention for Dogs

Parasite Prevention for Cats

Which Heartworm Medicine is Right for Your Pet?

We offer all of the top vet-recommended options for heartworm medicine for cats and dogs:


This chewable heartworm treatment for dogs prevents heartworm, along with roundworms and hookworms.


This flea and heartworm medicine for dogs kills fleas, prevents heartworm disease, and controls infections of adult roundworm, whipworm, and hookworm.


This flea and heartworm pill for dogs comes in tablet form and prevents heartworms, controls and prevents flea infestations, controls adult hookworms, and removes and controls adult whipworm and roundworm.


This chewable heartworm medication for dogs prevents heartworms. It also controls and treats ascarids and hookworms.


One of the best affordable heartworm prevention options, this chewable heartworm medicine for dogs prevents heartworms, tapeworm, whipworm, hookworm, and roundworm.


This topical liquid heartworm medicine for dogs offers total protection from parasites, including fleas, heartworms, ear mites, American dog ticks, and sarcoptic mange.


These chewables are a great choice for effective yet cheap heartworm medicine for dogs. They eliminate the tissue stage of heartworm larvae. They also control and treat your dog for hookworms and ascarids.

Which Flea & Tick Treatment is right for you?

Keep in mind that no two pets are the same. A product that’s just right for one animal may not work for another.

Factors to consider include:

Age: Flea treatments must be age-appropriate; many are not made for young puppies.

Breed: Coat type may influence your decision. Thicker coats may be difficult for topical treatments.

Health history: Other medications or supplements being used, concurrent health conditions, and previous reactions to flea and tick preventatives should be taken into account.

Pet's lifestyle: The presence of children and other pets (especially cats) in the household and your pet’s daily activities/exposure to the outdoors are important details.

Where you live: Which parasites are common in your area? Is resistance to certain preventatives a concern?

We are here to help:

Our vets will advise you on which is the best product to choose. Our chart compares each product and the protection it provides.